If you feel like shedding a tear….

As pet owners or as those who serve with animals we have all almost faced this ourselves or with/through a loved one.

It’s the little things that matter (One of the many reasons we do what we do) and that rings true with some of the steps we take here at Karepak, like registering a new website for our always improving website and online presence.


Such a small step but each step should always be recognized when progressing.


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Quick Santa Barbara count on Sunday

* I was up in Santa Barbara on Sunday morning for an event and had some extra time to take a quick count in town to see what the end of summer population looked like. 

Happy National Dog Day!

Here’s to our 4 legged friend and all the happiness (and sometimes craziness) they bring us!


Thank you Kara T., Mike F., Nancy F. and Circle O Landscaping for your generous donations.

This allows us to purchase 200 empty bags and then complete 40 Karepaks!!

Thank You!

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Its always tough to tell when out in the LA area who exactly may need assistance or who doesn’t.

This guy was sitting outside a store today with his pup. All outward signs pointed to the usual “case” but his demeanor made me think otherwise.
The last thing we want to do is upset someone (like a hipster) out for a walk with his dog.

It makes it tough to engage at times…… Can’t always tell and…

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